Wholetime Firefighter - the career for you?

Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service have just completed a recruitment process for wholetime fire-fighters. Future recruitment campaigns will only be notified through our website.

The role of a modern firefighter is to reduce the risk to the community through prevention and protection and is at the heart of what we do. Equally important is the ability to engage with members of the community and partner agencies in order to help protect the most vulnerable members of our communities.

'Working together for a safer Gloucestershire' is the combination of many small words and deeds, which will bring about a fresh focus for our efforts. By reducing the number of incidents, we reduce the suffering and loss in the Community we serve. Fewer emergency calls will give us more time for training, risk assessments and Community Safety initiatives.

You will still respond to a whole range of challenging emergency incidents, therefore a high level of physical fitness is required to deal with incidents such as fires, floods, road traffic collisions, hazardous materials and other emergencies.

So if you have a flexible approach, enjoy a challenge and are flexible to engage with a wide range of people in a dynamic and varied environment...

...then a career in Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue Service may be for you, find out more from our FAQ's page...


There are some criteria you must meet to be a firefighter. To apply you must:

* Be at least 17 years and six months of age (it is a requirement to be 18 or over when you start training)

* Be eligible to work in the UK

* Live in Gloucestershire or within 20km at the time of application (proof of which will be required)

* Have a good standard of physical fitness