Firework Safety

A Warning

photo of fireworksFireworks are great fun and very beautiful, but don't be fooled. Remember fireworks are explosives and can cause serious injury or death. Every year as many as 500 people are injured as a result of using or playing with fireworks and many more are burned using sparklers. Our advice this year is, as always, if you wish to see fireworks, go to a professionally organised display and leave it to the experts. Displays at home carry a far greater risk and are nowhere near as spectacular.

Firework tips

Fireworks: A Message for Retailers

If you sell fireworks you must comply with the law. It is an offence under the Explosives Act 1875, as amended by the Explosives (Age of Purchase etc) Act 1976 and the Consumer Protection Act 1987:

The maximum penalty for selling fireworks to persons apparently under the age of 18 is £2000. The local authority will be working closely with Trading Standards to ensure compliance with these regulations. For more information on your responsibilities visit the Directgov website.

If you are organising a public display visit the website of the Department for Communities and Local Government for information and advice on your responsibilities.